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Holiday Hustle

Writing takes dedication and commitment. You can’t just sit down one day and decide to write and be successful. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that. Success is something achieved overtime. In most cases, little bit by little bit. Most often, over the course of many years, but slowly. It’s just how it works.

During times like these—the holidays—it’s easy to fall off the path to success, what with nights out and family gatherings. But the holidays don’t have to mean putting your dreams of literary success completely on hiatus. In fact, they can mean the opposite if you play your cards right.

What success in writing means is allotting time for yourself to get into the mood or groove or zone or whatever (wherever) good writing comes from. That could mean twenty minutes sketching out a plot before heading into work or an hour of writing dialogue before bed. Either way, it’s important to not just want time to write but to make time.

Making time to write during the holidays is even more important than usual. People are typically busier during the winter months and can lose sight of even the most common goals like staying fit or reading a book, let alone getting any serious writing done.

What writing during the holidays boils down to is being kind to yourself. If there’s a lull in your schedule, make a point to sit down and put pen to paper or fingers to keys instead of eating or watching TV or drinking or any other obstacle that might get in the way of your goals.

However, while success in writing should be sought after with a zesty fervor, it shouldn’t take away from other important aspects of your life. The key to writing is to remain flexible. Balanced. Maybe you write your best stuff on a computer but don’t have access to one because you’re out with family. Bring a notebook and try writing there, instead. Or, if you can’t bring a notebook, try using the Notes function on your phone to take down a few ideas while you’re preoccupied. It might seem trivial, but every little bit counts.

Also, remember that writing isn’t just words on a page. Writing is whatever helps build a plot or expand a narrative. Maybe you come up with your best ideas while you’re working out or cooking or showering. Be sure to do all three! Do whatever (it takes). Just make sure that when ideas come you’re ready to log them so all that holiday hustle doesn't get lost in the holiday shuffle.

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