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2021 Nervous Ghost Press Prize for Poetry



CA Reading Tour

Prize Recipient: Amanda Korz

Manuscript Title: It's Just a Little Blood

Publication Date: September 15, 2022

2021 Nervous Ghost Press Prize for Prose



CA Reading Tour

Prize Recipient: Sara A. Leman

Manuscript Title: Socorro

Publication Date: August 9, 2022


Abby's Fire, C. M. Ibeling; The Man with an Amber Halo, K. Klym; The Game That I Play, G. Sachs; To Find Comfort in Others, S. Priest

Short list

Ishmael Mask, C. Kell; Green Burial, D. Graf; The Distance of Separation, P. Kaldas; The Haven, R. Etchison

Long list

Life of a Firefly, S. Brown-Lindstedt; Living Memoir of a Dying Girl, R. Yahne; Noel K, R. Jacobs; Yes Girl, C. Drysdale; Bee Club, M. McNeil; After the Lynching, D. Narkevic; Love Letters to the Sea, J. O'Donnell; Hell's Bells, M. Waterson; What She Wants, M. A. Larkin

Honorable Mentions

The Memoir of the Last of the Lost Boys, D. Ruiz; Animal, A. Colasanti; Petrichor, F. Soto; A Very Innocent Man, E. Belfar; The Will, A. Farina; Mise en Place, M. Cuglietta; Lonely Giants, M. Bloom; The Last Days of Passionless Tulip, P. Vithayaveroj

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