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About the Workshops

The Workshop Series is designed for and will remain a tool for community empowerment. Art is humanity’s greatest unifier, and it should be as accessible as possible to all who wish to experience its wonders.

  • Each workshop will be held in-person, last for one hour, and usually run for about one (1) month (3-4 weeks) total.

  • Workshops are free for participants.

  • Every workshop will cover a different topic/ mode of art (creative writing, writing, audio engineering, music, songwriting, book formatting and design, graphic design, painting, and more).

  • Workshops are kept to 10-15 participants to make sure that everyone gets the attention they deserve.

  • Each workshop will be available via the Canvas LMS

  • Group and one-on-one meetings with workshop leaders will be available throughout the duration of the workshop.


Recent Workshop

Poetry Workshop_Korz.png

The Workshop Story

For many, the human experience is pain – generations and generations of pain. From birth and through adolescence, moments of fear, uncertainty, and anger shape world perspectives, and through adulthood, not much changes. Lessons are taught and stories are shared, but the individuals are left behind to fend for themselves. The person behind the trauma is forgotten. When the dark and scary has nowhere to go, when it's pressed and concealed, when traumas fester within, they begin to cannibalize and consume. They manipulate the mind and force images of darkness. But monsters are not immortal, and they do not possess ultimate control over bodies.

Art scores a pathway for us to release the toxins through our voices, visions, hands, pores, and self. Through creative processes, these toxic traits become beautiful. Our traumas and stories of failure become the images of hope and strength. Our fears become what drives us to love, to grow, and to share our light. But not all art is accessible to those who need it most. Many vulnerable populations are without access to arts programs, equipment, and communities. Culture, identity, and finances should never be a reason someone cannot pursue and experience the arts.

The Nervous Ghost Press Workshop Series is a program to promote the arts among the communities that need it most. Art saves lives, we’ve said it, we believe it, and we will always believe it. Art allows all of us to connect on levels beyond the surface. Art creates spaces where we can heal, grow, and learn. Art provides us an escape where we can dream.

Access to art not only gives individuals a creative outlet to express themselves and explore who they are, it provides us all with an opportunity to make sense of the uncertain. Art shows us that our traumas aren’t barriers, that our experiences aren’t chains, and that our mistakes are worth redemption.

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There is currently no workshop scheduled. 

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