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The ghosts inside are restless.

Searching for a way out, and twisted.

Vibrations haunting thoughts–left in the cold.

Don’t wait. Choose to live before it’s old.


Finding the time to create art is difficult enough already, and so many have hearts and brains filled to the brim with ideas but nowhere to focus. These ideas spill out and get lost in the torrential movements of life. Between family and work stress, the world, and the weight of our traumas, having a quiet space to create freely and without distractions is vital for creative evolution. From our own internal survey, as well as outside research, we’ve found that millions and millions of people do not have a designated workspace (for art or otherwise). It’s not easy, we know that many of you are fighting each and every day, and not having your space takes away from your ability to dive fully into your craft. Well, now you can.


Introducing the Community Arts Workspace™, by Nervous Ghost Press.


Located 15 miles east of Los Angeles, the Community Arts Workspace™ is now available for those who need room to work. Our space is quiet, comfy, and clean. With two computer stations, community members have free access to the internet where they can engage in the creative process in peace. Our minds are often trapped in a balancing act between the chaotic and the quiet, and you shouldn't have to do it alone. Write, create, and express yourselves freely and with complete focus. Let your ghosts out.


By appointment only. Contact for more information and availability. After submitting the form, a team member will reach out to you.

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