2021 Nervous Ghost Press Prize for Prose



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Prize Recipient: Sara A. Leman

Manuscript Title: Socorro

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2021 Nervous Ghost Press Prize for Poetry



CA Reading Tour

Prize Recipient: Amanda Korz

Manuscript Title: It's Just a Little Blood

Sara A. Leman is always writing in her head. She is Professor of Spanish at Fordham University in New York City, where she teaches creative writing and literature. She holds a PhD from Boston University and has published five academic books on topics ranging from colonial commerce to contemporary fiction. A recent alumna of Sarah Lawrence College's Writing Institute, Sara writes fiction that offers peeks into topics as “small" as family life and as big as social justice and multiculturalism. Socorro is her first novel. Connect with Sara on Twitter @SaraALemanAuthr and on the web at https://saraaleman.wordpress.com/contact/

Amanda Korz is a graduate of Mills College and is working on certificates in technical writing and user experience & web design. Her poetry witnesses previous versions of herself and intimately digs into mental illness, disability, and witchcraft. When she isn’t writing or studying, she enjoys hiking, camping, and is just getting into backpacking. She lives in Cupertino, California. Connect with her on social media @amandakorz.

Forthcoming 2022


Abby's Fire, C. M. Ibeling; The Man with an Amber Halo, K. Klym; The Game That I Play, G. Sachs; To Find Comfort in Others, S. Priest

Short list:

Ishmael Mask, C. Kell; Green Burial, D. Graf; The Distance of Separation, P. Kaldas; The Haven, R. Etchison

Long list:

Life of a Firefly, S. Brown-Lindstedt; Living Memoir of a Dying Girl, R. Yahne; Noel K, R. Jacobs; Yes Girl, C. Drysdale; Bee Club, M. McNeil; After the Lynching, D. Narkevic; Love Letters to the Sea, J. O'Donnell; Hell's Bells, M. Waterson; What She Wants, M. A. Larkin

Honorable mentions:

The Memoir of the Last of the Lost Boys, D. Ruiz; Animal, A. Colasanti; Petrichor, F. Soto; A Very Innocent Man, E. Belfar; The Will, A. Farina; Mise en Place, M. Cuglietta; Lonely Giants, M. Bloom; The Last Days of Passionless Tulip, P. Vithayaveroj