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Welcome to Nervous Ghost Press

The Nervous Ghost Press Story

Nervous Ghost Press began with one fundamental belief: Writing saves lives. Over time, we have expanded our belief to include all art (conventional and unconventional). We know what it feels like to be unable to speak, to be ridiculed, and excluded. We remember the moment we found our voice, yet we still carry the weight of silence with us every day. But the silence is not a weakness. Born from those moments were our words; our strength. For every child too afraid to speak, we are with you. For every person hiding under desks behind tears, we see you, we hear you. The shadows were where we thought we belonged, and silence was where we placed our value. The fear and uncertainty gnawed at our bones, but we are still here. We remember the shakes, the unrelenting shakes.

Nervous Ghost Press stands for the voiceless. We stand for those who write to survive because without art, we wouldn’t have. We’ve been excluded based on skin color, beliefs, and identities. We’ve voiced concerns and were told to “start your own business.” So we did. Nervous Ghost Press exists for the arts and the artists. For the community. For the lost—for the ghosts. We are not alone, we are not weak, and our voices carry strength. All are welcome. All who feel abandoned, who feel neglected or unseen, we see you. We hear you. Welcome to the family.

We all have a nervous ghost inside us, it's time to let 'em out.

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The original logo circa 2017 © Matthew Mejia

New Releases

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The Waiting Room

The Open Mic

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The 2023 Nervous Ghost Press Book Prizes

In Final Review

Guest Judges:

Mike Sonksen (Poetry)

Steven Juliano (Prose)

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